Arch brewery

Arch brewery


Create a new culture with beer as the medium.

In Iwakuni, an American culture is interwoven into everyday life as it is a town with an American base. There are also many sightseeing spots that showcase the history of Japan, as well as their famous sake. We would like to associate our craft beer, locally produced, for local consumption, and full of culture, with Iwakuni as an exciting town. I think if we become a place known for its beer development, it would make Iwakuni very exciting and interesting, with beer at its center. Thank you very much.

Arch Brewery CEO
Masahiro Yanagi

Company name Arch brewery inc.
Head office 2-4-16 Yamate Iwakuni - shi Yamaguchi
Brewery Ueoka Building 102 1-12-16 Imazu-cho Iwakuni-shi Yamaguchi
CEO Masahiro Ynanagi
TEL 080-6341-0498